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M.D. Family Practice

Dr. Orlovskiy

Dr. Orlovskiy M.D. is a graduate of Kyiv University and Ross University and an excellent Family Physician. His wealth of experience as a medical doctor and managerial skills allows him and the team to meet their local communities' needs with dedication and pride. By upholding strong ethical principles as a vital part of the medical profession, Dr. Orlovskiy provides quality diagnostic procedures and treatments that meet global standards. He sees patients from 14 years old upward, and he values their time while also providing the most efficient service while keeping their best interest at heart. He participates in the Mount Sinai (Brooklyn) and New York Community hospital while also working in different Nursing homes providing excellent service to a wide range of patients.

M.D. Endocrinologist

Dr. Nadire Dzhalturova, DO

Nadire Dzhalturova, DO, is board certified by the American Board in Internal Medicine with Endocrinology board certification. Dr. Dzhalturova graduated from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her residency training in internal medicine and fellowship in endocrinology took place at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Dzhalturova currently works in Modern Medical Center as an endocrinologist. She diagnoses and treats hormone-related disorders and imbalances caused by malfunctioning endocrine glands, helps patients who have diabetes, obesity, hyper/hypothyroidism, cholesterol problems, and cancers of the endocrine glands.

At Modern Medical Care, we are eager to provide the best operational environment for our doctors to achieve the highest quality and excellence of service. Responsibility, trust, equity, attention, and team spirit are integral parts of everything we do. We seek continuous improvement and never refuse an opportunity to learn.

We support the importance of medical research, education, and proficiency of our staff. This support assures that our medical service delivery is in an ethical, confidential, and professional manner. Our lifelong commitment to learning to provide high-quality medical service and deep understanding of the unique complexities, obligations, and privileges of medical practice make Modern Medical Care your number one choice in the local medical community.

Our Team

Dr. Aleksandr Orlovskiy

Dr. Aleksandr Orlovskiy

Dr. Nadire Dzhalturova

Dr. Nadire Dzhalturova


Primary Care

Primary care practices are organized to meet the needs of patients with different problems, with the wide majority of patient concerns and needs.


Ultrasound is a device that uses sound waves to study internal structures and tissue. Transducer, a hand-held device, is used to transmit and receive echo signals when places against the skin, with the help of a clear gel that is used during the procedure.

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing is a precise method for finding out which allergens are causing your allergic reactions. We offer different allergy testing techniques based on our patients cases and conditions to get the most accurate result.

Laboratory Services

Our professionals do the testing to diagnose, treat, manage, or monitor a patient’s condition. The process begins with the collection of a sample of blood, tissue, or other biological matter from the patient, which is then sent to the laboratory where it is identified and examined.

IM Vitamin Shots

Vitamin shots use the naturopathic treatment of intramuscular injections of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Vitamin shots are most commonly used to prevent or treat a deficiency. There are numerous benefits to vitamin shots.

Physical Exams

We conduct physical examinations. Those include annual, overall physical exam, as well as work, sport or school related exams. Our physicians integrate your medical history, check your current body performance and conditions.


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