Laboratory Services

Clinical laboratory services are tests provided by a medical lab that aid in diagnosis and treatment of patients. Here at Modern Medical Care, we believe that from early detection and diagnosis of disease to individualized treatment plans based on a person's unique needs, clinical laboratory testing is key to improving healthcare quality and containing long-term wellness. Clinical laboratory testing plays an essential part in the delivery of quality health care. Our professionals do the testing to diagnose, treat, manage, or monitor a patient’s condition. The process begins with the collection of a sample of blood, tissue, or other biological matter from the patient, which is then sent to the laboratory where it is identified and examined. Once the testing is complete, the laboratory issues a report with the results and informs health care providers. When our healthcare providers receive and interpret the lab results, we are able to create a unique treatment plan for each patient individually depending on those results and patient’s needs. In our laboratory, we provide a wide range of services that include but not limited to blood services, including COVID-19 antibodies testing, Hyperlipidemia, Thyroid diseases, urinalysis, cholesterol tests, hemoglobin tests, diabetes, anemia, liver deceases, immunology and allergy testing, diagnostic testing, transfusion medicine, pathology. Depending on availability and need, we have Bio reference lab in the building as well as the option to send specimen to other lab.

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