• Anna Avatar

    Best customer service! Terrible fear of having COVID-19 or not. It was very easy and affordable to make an appointment for COVID-19 test. The blood draw was quick and result was fast and negative. Very happy and will definitely use their service in the future!

    Melany Avatar

    Very responsive To my surprise the process was very easy. With Covid-19 going on I thought it would be scary. I was in and out in less than 8 min. My hat goes off to each and every one of them. Will use in the future for more test if I need.

    Tom B. Avatar
    Tom B.

    Im happy They are working long shifts to meet the growing demand for their expertise, and hoping and praying to not become infected themselves, before returning to their own families. I was beyond impressed with the overall care I received here.

  • Peter Avatar

    Fast results A very fast and easy experience. I was dreading going but the reported result was negative. Praise the Lord! The technician was very nice and attentive. She calmed me down when I felt a quiver of panic because I had a temperature.


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